Homemade Millionaire on TLC

Wow! So, almost exactly one year ago I flew to Chicago for a chance to get my idea in front of some important people. I had no way of knowing just how much that 24 hr. whirlwind of a trip would change so many things in my life. It looks like “Homemade Millionaire” is finally going to air later this summer and I can’t wait!

While my product and I were not selected to be part of the show, I will be forever grateful for the experience and for the folks I have met subsequently. If it were not for that trip I would never have met so many fabulous women inventors, many of whom I have become very close friends with – you know who you are! I would not have reconnected with a dear friend, Beverly Clark, who happens to be a bestselling author and incredible business woman with an empire of wedding accessories – before the Knot – there was Beverly Clark, she started it! I am now working closely with her on some very exciting projects. If it were not for that trip, it’s doubtful I would have ever created an account on Twitter (I’m @GrimeOut) or here blogging and trying to exercise my writing muscles!

That single take-a-shot experience has led to so many other incredible experiences, like meeting and building relationships with the likes of John Cremeans aka the “Doctor of Shopology”, who is now working with Kevin Harrington, aka the Original Infomercial King and Shark Tank fame on the newly created Military Shopping Channel!

I found out about the Milojo audition completely by accident and can’t help but use the analogy of tossing a small rock into a pond… the ripples are definitely getting bigger!

Thank you Kelly Ripa et al! Best of luck to all of the ladies!!


25 thoughts on “Homemade Millionaire on TLC

  1. Thanks Faline! Who knows, maybe next season? Alisa ~ I read your comment on ProductX1 blog yesterday and, while I wasn't chosen, I know (almost) exactly how you feel! When I watched the promo I definitely had that "oooh" kind of pang. I really think they wanted someone who is much farther along in their process than I am. Things are going great and I hope the same for you too! We'll definitely have to try to have our own little Twitter viewing party when the show airs – I am sure the Womentorz girls will.As always – thanks for taking the time to read!!

  2. I'm glad this was such a great experience for you and you're getting to know some of the best. 🙂 In due time, you'll be on shows like this showing your product… just wait and see. I'm so overly thankful for the "pitching" industry, it has brought me to know so many wonderful and intelligent people that want to make a difference!

  3. It really was Karen! I was telling someone at Milojo that they could do a spin-off show chronicling some of the more interesting happenings of the 'rejects' since auditioning. I said it basically in jest… One thing has definitely led to another here!

  4. @JEN – Kinda like how Shark Tank did that one episode (or 2?) of "here's what happened to them since being on the show"? That would be awesome. It would be such a great thing if some of the people that didn't get chosen, would get as far as the one that did.

  5. Nice to find some Product X friends here. I'm not sure that the show's producers were channeling inventors' products that were much further along per se, Jen, but from the promos it definitely looks like they were seeking younger mom-types. Although I'm a mom, I'm an older mom…I guess that doesn't translate as interestingly for TV. So, for me, it was close-but-no-cigar. That's okay; I can understand that. Ginny

  6. Hi, Ginny! Thanks for your comments! I also think they look for people with interesting back stories – this is television after all and I am pretty sure I was like a big bowl of plain oatmeal to them :).

  7. Homemade Millionaire sounds like it will be airing early November. How exciting to watch a bunch of American women pitch their "babies" to all of America! Can't wait to watch!

  8. Jen, from your photo and your writing, there is NO WAY that you're a plain bowl of oatmeal…more likely, a lovely three-course breakfast replete with French crepes and confectionery sugar!! Best! Ginny

  9. Oh my! What lovely comments to find here this morning! Apologies to Anonymous from August 31st! I missed your comment somehow – thank you for reading. From the perspective of having auditioned for the show I know there are many of us who are especially curious to see how it came out, who made the cut and how they make out!Ginny – how very kind of you to say :). If memory serves correctly from Tracy Sanders Product X blog, you are a writer as well?Also – could they really be casting again? Hmmm… do we smell a Second Season in the works? Going to have to check with my go-to super top secret source!I'll keep you posted ~

  10. As long as the first Homemade Millionaire is a great success, I've been told there will be more seasons! Let's root for our fellow inventors ladies and bring on season 2, 3, 4,…!

  11. I too had that pang of oh I didnt get picked…lol I flew from NY to Chicago cause I found out about it last minute…I did get a 2nd call so I was excited about that. Cant wait to watch and see if anyone I met got cast? Also hope to learn from this , cant wait!!Kathleen

  12. Jen, it has been posted that Homemade Millionaire is set to air Friday, November 19th at 10:00 PM! Check it out, it's all over the web! Time to celebrate and pump eachother up!

  13. Good morning! Anonymous thanks for the update! I have been immersed in other things as of late – all good – COOL! I will check it out!!Hi, Jessica: The contact I have is not a producer, however, I would recommend you check the Milojo fan page on FB 🙂 Best of luck and let's all watch and help make the show a success so that our own products might have a shot next time around!Have a great day everyone!!

  14. I am going to watch it and hope that there will be a second season (I am sure there will be) because I too have an idea. It is about time there was something for the ladies!!!

  15. I know there were some ladies who were less than happy with the way they felt they were treated throughout this experience (e.g., levels of and accuracy in communication etc.), however, I have to believe that Kelly, with all of the items that we KNOW are sent to her on a regular basis from women entrepreneurs across this country, has a lot of respect and empathy for what it takes for the average woman to wear not only the hat (much of the time) of Mom along with trying to establish and maintain a business. I cannot wait to see who was chosen and how it all turns out – I do so hope there will be a second season!Is it bad to say that I also hope that one day Kelly herself might actually read this? (big sigh) I can dream can't I??

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