Getting My Kicks with BookRix

High atop Keller’s Peak
inside the cozy Hotel Bar,
I spied from afar-
browned, creamy,
softened beauty compounded by brilliance
glowing amber by the light of the flickering fire…
Insides melted, knees weak,
How could my love be clarified?
The Land O’ Lakes seemed the
Perfect place to whip Plugra-licious passion
Blissful, butter colored memories, a hint of salt from the sea
All coming back to me,
like the warm breeze off the Grassland…

BookRix is a fun, informative, supportive community of readers, writers, authors and publishers. I’ve been having a lot of fun there discovering and learning – and best of all – it’s FREE! It’s a great way for independently published authors to gain exposure as BookRix allows you to link back to your own author website! They also have ongoing, free to join, writing contests that pay cash prizes!

My “handle” there is JenCannPro


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