TLC’s Homemade Millionaire Episode 3

by J. J. Cannon

Hey party people! Looking forward to seeing what Homemade Millionaire has to offer this evening! While I am starting to wonder if this might be the most under publicized show in TLC’s line-up… (a post for another time) I am excited for these three ladies!!

Will it be Erika Wilson and her fabulous Purse Flats, Jennifer Martinson and her Magic Dress or Carissa Brown and her Carissa Rose Designs for us busty gals?

While there is no promo video this week, I can tell you (from my very quick research this morning) it looks like a couple of these women already have some great press under their belts! Carissa Brown has been featured by Adam Glassman, Creative Director for O Magazine , and Erika Wilson’s Purse Flats have been featured in Glamour Magazine’s Fashion Blog and MSNBC’s Elevator Pitch! Jennifer Martinson, if you’re reading, please feel free to plug any of your own press here as well!

So excited for the three of you and can’t wait to see what comes out HAUTE tonight!

Feel free to share any and all advice with us here! We’re also having some great conversations about Homemade Millionaire over at Tracy’s ProductX blog – so be sure to check that out too!

Best of luck to all of you!