Ready, Set, Let’s Get Published!

The proverbial cheerleader in me (for the record, I never was an actual cheerleader) has been having such a blast writing, connecting, learning and sharing on BookRix that I wanna shout it to the moon! Have you got a book in your head just trying to get out? Well, grab your pencils, stretch your imagination and buckle up! It’s gonna be a word wranglin’, keyboard poundin’ round up! Ahem, seriously, this is really fantastical.

Think that holding your own published book in your hands is a dream off in the distance? Not true! BookRix wants to help you get published with their free-to-enter BookRix “Get Published” Contest, going on now through January 17th, 2011.

This is a new style of contest for BookRix to host – at the end of this contest, one lucky winner will get to publish his or her book!

The grand prize, generously provided by

CreateSpace, is a Total Design Freedom Advanced Publishing Solution, (valued at $2,567!) which will include a custom cover and interior design, comprehensive copyediting, promotional text creation, a press release with targeted distribution, a complimentary upgrade to their Pro Plan, and a free CreateSpace ISBN if the winner does not already have one.

Plus, the winner of the “Get Published” BookRix Contest can choose any of the following sales channels through which he or she would like to enable the book for sale: the website, a CreateSpace eStore, and the CreateSpace expanded distribution channel.

The second place winner will receive a prize of $500 cash, with third place winning $300!

Have you just completed a NaNoWriMo novel this past November? Upload your NaNo work before January 17, 2011, for a chance to see your name in print! Join theFacebook Get Published BookRix Event to receive updates and news pertaining to this fantastic FREE contest!

Specific Contest Guidelines:

The book you choose to upload for the contest must be at least 25 BookRix pages long, but must not be your complete work. That will come later. You may not upload the entire book on to BookRix to be eligible for this contest.

All books must have a cover during the contest. However, the author whose book wins the first place prize will receive a unique cover as part of the prize provided by CreateSpace. Therefore, the “Get Published” contest entry covers on BookRix should be considered temporary.

Only fiction and nonfiction work is allowed in this contest.
You cannot enter work that has taken part in previous BookRix writing contests.

If you make it into the top ten or wildcard pick(s), you will be notified by BookRix to your personal e-mail address. At this time, you must send BookRix your complete work. So have your entire work completed ahead of time, but do not upload it on to BookRix. You will only have seven (7) days from notification to send in your book to BookRix via e-mail.

The complete work must be at least 30,000 words long and sent in Word document (or similar text file) format to after you receive official notification that you have made it into the top ten or wildcard pick(s) on BookRix.

If the chosen authors do not send their complete work within seven days, the next best-ranked author will be contacted and so on until ten best-rated books can be given to the jury for selection.

This contest is free-to-enter. Contestants must create a BookRix user profile to submit their works or to vote on contestants to participate.

Authors must register their stories for the contest by January 17, 2011, 6 pm (EST) / 9 am (PST)/ 11 pm (GMT).


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