It Is A Beautiful World Indeed!

by J. J. Cannon

A funny thing happened one day, approximately three years ago… My husband was at the park playing with our two daughters aged four and almost two at the time. A mom at the park struck up a conversation with my dashingly handsome hubby, they got to talking and she explained that she was passing an hour while her older daughter was having a riding lesson at the farm down the road. A name and a phone number was given and thus began a very special relationship with a pony named Bonnie Beau Dot, a beautiful young woman who we think is the best riding instructor on the planet, and the owner of the farm, who I will refer to here as “Mrs. P.” – a gorgeous, sassy, firecracker of a lady who might be found riding a big tractor or covered in some type of animal excrement one moment, and then spiffed up and sparkling, the effortlessly gracious party hostess the next. Mrs. P.’s farm is a magical place…

Last Friday night, Mrs. P. hosted a “House Concert” featuring Adam Crossley. What a treat to be able to meet and experience his music in such an intimate setting. Adam drew us all in with his sense of humor and gift of storytelling. Think Coldplay and Sting rolled into one big ball of fantasticalicious musicality – he’s got that “it” factor that cannot be bought or taught. Adam Crossley is the real deal and I would like to help spread the word about this very talented singer songwiter.

In 2009 His song “Beautiful World” topped the AC Billboard charts and was the #1 Christmas song in America for three weeks in a row! You can listen here and also find it on his most recent album “Anvil Of A Heart” Adam Crossley : Beautiful World I have no idea why we aren’t seeing Adam everywhere…but I have a feeling we will be soon!

As a bonus to our lovely evening, Crescent Moon Coffee and Tea Co. provided baked treats and the best coffee in the county!

At one point during the evening, my husband turned to me and said “What if I hadn’t gone to the park that day with the girls?” We have had so many fun experiences, met some wonderful people, and made some lasting memories at this special place.

It’s funny how things happen…and I trust that they’re happening exactly as they should.