Happy New Year!

Here we are on day 365, the New Year stretched out before us like a beautifully blank piece of paper just waiting to be written upon.

I feel as though much of what I could say here would sound very cliche and so I will keep it simple and say that 2010 has been a definitive year of growth for me personally. So much has happened that has brought both joy and sadness, but at its end lessons have been learned, new and wonderful connections have been made, friendships have blossomed and hope springs eternal (sorry, I couldn’t help it!). I am so happy and grateful for all that has transpired and very excited to see where the year ahead will take me.

I am also very thankful for my cool little group of readers here in this humble space. I look forward to updating it on a more regular basis and plan to share some old family recipes as I have severely neglected my foodie side as of late!

I get nervous about sharing resolutions because, in true Gemini fashion, I will jinx myself. I can tell you that one of my main goals is to continue to find balance in life and to worry less. What are some of yours?

I want to wish you all the best that 2011 has to offer – now get out there and getcha some!!

Happy New Year and Much Love!



20 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Happy New Year Jen! Thank you for this awesome blog – I always enjoy reading – you are quite a talented writer! I have a question, my Aunt Hope has the most amazing life story and I would love to see it told but I do not have the patience to write a book (I'm more of an "instant gratification" kinda girl). Do you know if there is a way for Hope to tell her story to someone and have them write/publish it?

  2. Hi Jen and fellow readers!Happy 2011 and may this year bring wonderful things to all of you!I wanted to update you on Homemade Millionaire. Now that the winners are known, we are going to join together and promote the back stories behind what drove us and our products. It is the American dream afterall, having a passion and seeing it through. We hope to inspire others, during such an awful time for our economy. There are SO many with ideas and they shoudn't let fear stand in the way. Bake Huggers is finalizing designs for 2011 and as soon as we're ready, we will be on HSN. They also want Bake Huggers for their Kitchen Show in March and we can't wait! Our production has changed and we are using new color processing. The vibrancy is simply beautiful with the new process. There are SO many ideas for breakfast, appetizers, cupcakes, muffins, other desserts, & kits too.Since the show, many large companies have shown interest in Bake Huggers. We need to stay within the guidelines of the contract and not be competitive to HSN. Fortunately, there are lots of wonderful avenues to explore & HSN is on board. As I said before, don't let fear stand in the way, you MAKE it happen!Wendy Robbins, (my coach on the show) & I will be promoting together. This is what I've been waiting for, since Wendy taught me many valuable lessons. She is a powerhouse and her new book, "Why Marry a Millionaire, Just Be One," is in the top 10 for 2011 business books. If you haven't checked her out online, you should. When I need a bit of inspirational guidance I listen to one of her DVD's, they're awesome!I haven't had a chance to contact Dom Celentano yet, since it was a VERY busy December. Getting everything on track, with a family, the holidays, and another business isn't easy. I'm certain every mom reading this completely understands where I'm coming from!Jen your blog shows what a true heart you have, please keep it up. Your many talents will lead you in a direction of success I'm sure!God bless and I hope your Christmas was merry. Happy New Year and here's to creativity, it has power!:) Debra Lee

  3. Wow! Thank you all for the wonderful comments! Let's see…Tracy: Your Aunt may want to consider hiring a ghost writer, however, this is a potentially long/expensive process. My aunt (an author) tells me there is software available for people wanting to tell/write their own life stories, complete with instructions on how to publish, etc. You might also find excellent tips and help at http://www.bookrix.comAmber: Thank you sweet friend 🙂 I will keep you posted on all fronts – same wishes to you and Andy!! XOFaline: 🙂 Check your blog sister.Dom: Look forward to helping you connect with other foodies in the future!Debra: Thank you so much for the updates and the kind words! I appreciate it very much 🙂 Please keep us posted on your adventures and let us know how we can help spread the word!2011 is going to be a great year – I can feel it!XO

  4. Hi Debra,Congratulations on the big win. You are really a success story HM and us ladies! How are you guys going to promote the backstories of the other women? Are you all collaborating on a book? That is so cool that you have some other things cooking. Can't wait to purchase in March! Best, Erika Berry

  5. Hi Erika!A book is not what we're planning but joining together to tell our stories to others. I know the news media would love to have positive stories for a change. Hopefully, it will inspire others to persevere and believe!Meeting Marcy, Jennifer, Grace, & Karen in person, and Sarah (through e-mail… She just had her baby at the time!), was a wonderful experience. We are different in some ways and so alike in others. Our training at HSN in St. Pete's is a great memory. Hearing everyone's stories and truly enjoying the company of each of them. The women have such big hearts, have loving families, and a passion for their products. I'm very proud of each of them and in a way, we are like a team!Gathering together again to promote what we believe in would be absolutely perfect!Have a good night!:) Debra Lee

  6. Congrats Debra, You did such a good job and I just loved your product. I wish you all the success in the world. I am still waiting for season 2. Because of your product (I know it will be a huge success), I feel there will be a good chance for that to come true for all of us waiting.

  7. Okay – just spoke to Milojo and the official word regarding the future of HM is "We do not know yet, however, when we do it will be posted on our website…"I know that's not much to go on ladies, sorry!XO

  8. Date or no date, I would move forward with the product. It is yours and nobody owns it but you. Make something happen starting this week and do not worry about a contract by a company that never sounded like they had your interests in mind. What a shame it is but only you can turn it around!

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