Happy New Year!

by J. J. Cannon

Here we are on day 365, the New Year stretched out before us like a beautifully blank piece of paper just waiting to be written upon.

I feel as though much of what I could say here would sound very cliche and so I will keep it simple and say that 2010 has been a definitive year of growth for me personally. So much has happened that has brought both joy and sadness, but at its end lessons have been learned, new and wonderful connections have been made, friendships have blossomed and hope springs eternal (sorry, I couldn’t help it!). I am so happy and grateful for all that has transpired and very excited to see where the year ahead will take me.

I am also very thankful for my cool little group of readers here in this humble space. I look forward to updating it on a more regular basis and plan to share some old family recipes as I have severely neglected my foodie side as of late!

I get nervous about sharing resolutions because, in true Gemini fashion, I will jinx myself. I can tell you that one of my main goals is to continue to find balance in life and to worry less. What are some of yours?

I want to wish you all the best that 2011 has to offer – now get out there and getcha some!!

Happy New Year and Much Love!