by J. J. Cannon

Hello and welcome to Well Adjusted on WordPress! 

I’ve successfully and painlessly made the switch from Blogger.  Feeling like a kid with a brand spankin’ new pair of sneakers and am sure I can run faster and jump higher!

Honestly, (no laughing) the most difficult part of this whole process for a lunatic like me was finding just the right theme, header pic and font.  I purchased the Custom Design package which gave me access to some beautiful fonts and, if at some point I become a technical wizard, I’ll be able to customize even more. 

I want to say thank you and acknowledge my friend Antonella for the awesome pic which I have pilfered for my own use here.  The Caterpillar symbolizes transformation.  Its slow and steady movements serve as a reminder to be patient and work methodically towards our goals, whatever they may be.

My current goals are to write more in this space and continue to share information, recipes, random musings, etc.

As always, thank you for reading ~ I’ve missed you!

xo Jen