A Duck, A Hospital Bed, and The Fountain Pen



(Beautiful) Photo Credit: Spectreman’s Photos at Flickr

Two years ago, almost to the day, I was eagerly trying to be a bona fide busy writer.  I would eagerly check for my Morning Coffee Newsletter each Tuesday and peruse the freelance writing “want ads”.  

Fast forward to today.  I find myself busier than ever professionally thanks to the incredible people, who I also call my friends, at All Stages Marketing, a first novel “Nick By A Nose” (working title, in progress) and “@Sophie Takes A #Selfie” due out soon.  Additionally, being a mom to a son, 28, and two daughters ages 10 and 8 keeps me just about as busy as I can possibly be!

As I sat down to do some revisions to a manuscript another document dated 11/26/11 caught my eye.

The query said they wanted a 100 word story, which included a duck, a hospital bed and a fountain pen.  My submission:

Suddenly, Truman C. Duck was in the middle of one helluva brawl.  Next, he awoke bruised and bleeding in a hospital bed across from Central Pond.  He remembered the fabulously shiny pen he had fought so hard for in the fountain.  He thought he had it… drat!

Truman believed if he had the right pen, he could write the next great American novel.  Now he had some time.  If only he had that fountain pen! 

 Upon his discharge, a smiling nurse said “Your personal possessions Mr. Duck.  I look forward to reading your story one day.”  And there it was.

I just knew it was going to be a hit… or not.  I never heard from anyone, but I have to believe that at least one person smiled?

Hope you’re all enjoying this Sunday before Thanksgiving.  I find myself more thankful than ever for the obvious- my precious family and friends- but ever more thankful for little things… like the opportunity to enjoy this frigid east coast morning sitting next to the fire with the dog, my laptop and a large Dunkin Donuts coffee.  


Little girls are laughing in the other room, waiting patiently for me to finish this post so that they can get together and work on building their Minecraft zoo.

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving and, as always, thank you for taking a moment to read.


xo Jen



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